AVT Studio


Location: New Delhi, Delhi

Client: Studio An-V-Thot Architects Pvt. Ltd.

Photo Credits: Saptorshi Majumdar

Status: Completed, June 2012

Built-up Area: 650 sq ft.


As the door opens, multiple frames of illusion can be felt and the spaces emerge as question marks, bringing the inquisitive youth from within. The free flowing layout leads to the view of contrasting spatial experiences where directions can be felt through eyes. The Studio has been planned on a hierarchy system. This was achieved by placing a dark room in the center which gives birth to a junior zone and a senior zone, while an imaginary path thus created, from one end to the other end of the office, takes the visitor through various volumes of spatial experiences.

It is undoubtedly a designer's expression of life within boundaries, where colors add a playfulness so as to give freedom for thoughts and ideas to take birth & evolve with an intention of positivity. In a city that drains you with its clusters, traffic, noise and where workplaces are limited by scarcity of space and air; this place has a life of itself, where energy can be seen and felt throughout.