The Plus House

Location: Panipat, Haryana

Client: Payal & Vinod Juneja

Photo Credits: Saptorshi Majumdar

Status: Completed, March 2014

Built-up Area: 3650 sq ft.


The project was perceived as a creation of rectangles within a square, which clearly took us to benefitting proportions during the planning. This was the answer to a rather questionable site which sat on an almost square plot 55’ x 58’, thus generating a challenge as well as curiosity to achieve a depth of travel and sight. 

Speaking of facade, the complete 25’ high structure can be seen as volumes and voids sharing spaces, overlapping and inter-changing their behaviour as well as presence. The vertical edge of the corner is sliced open in a tapered hugging manner with MS pergola on the roof level adding the play of shadows & light. Insertion of MS jali is eminent at various places. Use of sober Orange textured paint balances its harmony through the cladding of Dholpur stone on to the left tower. Compressed laminate sheets in exposed wooden grains add to the material palette. Altogether the volumes & voids forming the face of the house are a result of interior space planning & layout.