The House Of Yellow Shadows

Location: Panipat, Haryana

Client: Jyoti & Sunil Sharma

Photo Credits: Saptorshi Majumdar

Status: Completed, March 2014

Built-up Area: 3200 sq ft.


The double storey house has 4 bedrooms for the clients, their daughter, parents & a guest room. The planning is such that the first quarter of the ground floor has a guest room, drawing room & a powder. The central half caters to the lobby & dining adjacent to the kitchen. The Puja here sits in a corner aloof from high circulation areas. The rear portion has two private rooms overlooking the landscaped backyard. The first floor has the daughter’s room with an extended study cum library, a pantry, a store room and a family lounge overlooking lobby at the ground floor. The brief required us to provide a separate staircase connecting to the terrace straight from the front lawn, which in case of an event can take guests to the open rooftop. To add life to the connection between floors, a small courtyard with a library has been placed through the creation of extended landing, where one is greeted with ever-changing play of sunlight and shadows. This was achieved through the insertion of vertical wooden louvers at equal intervals forming the outer skin of the stair façade. As a whole the house has a character of traditional India in a contemporary outfit.